An Invisalign® Dentist in East Lyme Can Improve Your Smile

Posted on: December 16, 2017

InvisalignAs an Invisalign® dentist, we can help you to correct misaligned teeth that you have been suffering from for years. The Invisalign® technology is a proven straightening alternative to braces. Many people prefer the invisible, attractive look that Invisalign® offers as opposed to the obvious, gaudy look of braces.

If you are looking for an alternative that matches your professional lifestyle, Invisalign® should be your top choice. The convenience and aesthetic appeal are just a few of the pros associated with it. Read below to learn more about how easy and convenient the Invisalign® treatment process is.

How does Invisalign® compare to braces cosmetically?

Invisalign® is the perfect option for adults who have jobs and lives that require them to put their best face forward every day. Invisalign® is a virtually invisible way to align the teeth while also not affecting a patient’s daily lifestyle. Braces require constant attention to ensure that the patient does not have embarrassing food particles stuck in the teeth. Braces also require the patient to combat mouth sores and blisters. With aligners, the patient is free of these nuisances.

Is Invisalign® really an invisible product?

As an Invisalign®, we can provide the patient with an aligner that no one will notice. The crystal clear plastic aligner will provide an invisible appearance when the patient places it over the teeth and enjoy how natural it looks.

How do I eat with an aligner in my mouth?

Patients need to remove the aligner when eating any meal or snack. As an Invisalign® dentist, we advise removing the aligner to preserve the perfect mold that will straighten the teeth. It is a simple process to remove the aligner to eat and replace the aligner when complete. Patients will not have to worry about endless attention to details like when trying to eat with braces.

Do I need to clean my aligner?

Yes, the patient should clean the aligner every time the patient brushes his or her teeth. Just use a toothbrush and clean water to gently rinse out any food particles or grime. Patients can also purchase the cleansing Invisalign® Crystals separately to achieve the best clean possible.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

As an Invisalign® dentist, we can help to determine the length of time it may take for the treatment to accomplish the patient’s goals. Treatment times depend on the level of misalignment, but the average time is 12 months. No matter how long it takes, the patient will barely notice that he or she is wearing aligners during the duration of the treatment.

Do I need to visit Advantage Dental Group for follow-up check-ups during treatment?

As an Invisalign® dentist, we will schedule an appointment with you about once a month or once every other month to ensure your treatment is going smoothly. We won’t have to make any adjustments like those that take place for braces because you will wear new aligners every two weeks and switch them out at home.

It is understandable that you want to avoid getting braces. Invisalign® can give you the straight, beautiful teeth you were meant to have. Visit Advantage Dental Group today to plan your treatment.

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